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Hickory Clinic #3: A Forgotten Hickory Swing Technique

A Forgotten Hickory Swing Technique

One of the biggest challenges in hitting the hickory shafted club is its tendency to twist. We are told that the hickory shaft will torque up to nine to twelve degrees, as compared with our modern equipment of two to three degrees. Because of this seemingly uncontrollable variable, we are encouraged […]

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Hickory Clinic #2: Consistency! The Crown Jewel of a Winning Hickory Golf Swing


The Crown Jewel of a Winning Hickory Golf Swing

Which of these combinations of golf attributes would you say are the more important in lowering your golf score?

A technically and clinically classic golf swing.
An unorthodox, but consistent golf swing.

(Hint! Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino, Raymond Floyd, Miller Barber, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Jim Furyk, Bubba Watson, Moe Norman, […]

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Hickory Clinic #1: Balancing Act

Hickory Clinic #1: Balancing Act
The other day, I was on the driving range and got caught up watching the line of golfers working on either their warm up or improving their swings. One was using alignment sticks along with a shaft stuck in the ground for swing plane feedback. Another was working with his grip. […]

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