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The Hickory Profiles: William “Bill” Reed

The Heart of a Hickory Believer

Dedication to the Grand Ole Game is never in short supply when it comes to hickory golfers. But few personify it quite like William “Bill” Reed. He is a Director-at-Large for the Golf Collectors Society and a member in good standing of the Society of Hickory Golfers. He is the […]

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The Hickory Profiles: Jay Harris


Hooked on Hickory:
Jay Harris

Even when he’s not necessarily swinging a vintage club, Jay Harris lives inside a rich aura of hickory. How could he not, with his home on the Number Two Course of the storied Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina? Small wonder, then, that when he retired from dentistry in the 1990’s -instead of […]

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The Hickory Hub Profiles: Mike Stevens

Mike Stevens
A Fond Memory Leads to Fate

Ever hear of the “Butterfly Effect”? In popular culture, it has come to describe how a seemingly unrelated event can create a chain reaction that ends in something significant. Take, for example, when Mike Stevens’ father assembled a starter golf set for his, then, young son.

“In the first set […]

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Randy Jensen: A Life-Long Love of Hickory

A Life-Long Love of Hickory

“I first picked up a hickory club when I was seventeen. I purchased it at Goodwill for fifty cents! And it hit quite well!”

Thus began Randy Jensen’s life-long love affair with hickory. That fortuitous Goodwill find led to Randy’s first tournament in 1989: the venerable Heart of America Hickory Championship originally […]

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A Special Edition Hickory Profile: Stuart W. Bendelow

Sewing Seeds of Golf History
Suppose, in the course of U.S. history, no one remembered there had been a Continental Congress? Suppose the names of those who shaped the Declaration of Independence had so faded from our collective memory that re-discovering them was akin to historical archeology?

The above scenario is pure fiction when it comes to American history. […]

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Guest Hickory Author: LPGA Pro Jennifer Cully

Learning and Loving a Game of Golf with Hickory Sticks
My love affair with the game of golf began at age 12. At age 13, I played in my first tournament, a junior 9 hole member guest and now 32 years later I still love teeing it up in competitive events. I played on a golf […]

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Hickory Profile: John Berggren

It was revenge that began John Berggren’s love affair with hickories.

“A childhood friend from Iowa was staying at my home while he was attending a family function in East Texas,” John says. “After sipping a few Margaritas on my back patio, I mentioned that someday […]

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Hickory Profile: Richard “Rick” Woeckener

There is a place- a pilgrimage, if you will- toward which hickory players around the globe cast their eyes, their hearts and, when they can, their wallets: the World Hickory Championship at Carnoustie, Scotland. Rick Woeckener made that pilgrimage this year. Then, to top off that quintessential Bucket Lister, he returned to the U.S. to […]

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The Hickory Profiles: Craig Kelly Davidson

The old adage goes like this: “the third time is the charm.” But for Craig Kelly Davidson, who prefers to be called Kelly, change that to “the second time.”

“The first time I put a hickory club in my hand was at the Mountain Valley Hickory Open last year,” he says. “This […]

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Hickory Profiles: Breck Speed


Does Breck Speed have the best job in the world? As CEO of Mountain Valley Spring Water, a company that -one might say- is “drenched” in a rich history its own, he gets to play the Grand Ole Game in the Grand Ole Way while representing his company during the Society of Hickory Golfers’ Championship […]

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