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About Kathy Nappier Bullock


While not a golfer, Kathy Nappier Bullock fell as deeply in love with the hickory golf movement as her husband Richard Bullock. The community’s pure joy in playing the Grand Ole Game and the people’s sense of fun through vintage costuming charmed her immediately. In April of 2012, she and Richard launched the Hickory Golf Hub, a blog celebrating the hickory movement and golf’s rich history.

Kathy writes fiction under the pseudonym K.L. Nappier. First published by the Berkeley Publishing Group in the early 1990’s, Kathy took a several year hiatus while she and Richard cruised the Caribbean while living aboard True Gravity, their fifty-two foot sloop. In 2004, Kathy re-emerged with the supernatural thriller Full Wolf Moon, first published through Double Dragon Publishing. She has since published eight more times, in addition to various articles and blog contributions.

During the winter months, Kathy lives in the Tampa Bay Area and focuses on her novel writing and speaking engagements. But come Spring through Fall, she travels with Richard and covers the Temple Terrace Hickory Heritage Weekend, the Society of Hickory Golfers Championship Series, the Golf Collectors Society’s Heart of America Tournament and many other  hickory events, whether notable or just plain fun, around the U.S. She manages the Hickory Golf Hub and writes much of the blog’s content, including features such as the Hickory Profiles, the introductions to On the Shoulders of Giants, and tournament and events coverage.

To learn more about the novels and books of Kathy as K.L. Nappier, as well as her latest news and appearances go to www.KLNappier.com. You can also find her on FaceBook:KLNappier and Twitter:KLNappier

For Hickory Golf Hub related correspondence, contact Kathy at kathy@hickorygolfhub.com

For correspondence related to her novels and books, contact Kathy at Kathy@KLNappier.com