From frequent Local Newsie Mike Stevens comes news of the Florida Hickory Golfers‘ outing at the Bobby Jones Golf Club, played March 20th. This latest outing for the FHG’s Tartan Tour was played on the anniversary of Mr. Jones’ birthday, but it sounds as if it was Mr. Jones sending the players a gift from above: great golfing weather. Read all about it!

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Scores & Wrap Up for Bobby Jones GC, Sarasota, March 20th

We celebrated Mr. Jones’ birthday yesterday at the famed golfers hang out in Sarasota. Weather was perfect for golf this time of year although the gusty winds were a bit of a bother.


Player Score Purse
Tom McCrary 74 $20.00
Bill Geisler 76
Mike Stevens 76
Richard Bullock 80
Bryan Bruce 80
Rich Grula 86
Mike Tracy 87
Steve Collins 88
Gary Cole 93
Earl Hines 97
Steve Haigler 98
Dave Greenwood 100


Low Team Score Purse
Stevens/Collins Plus 14 $30
Grula/Tracy Plus 13 $10


Pic 2-best


Last Call for:

Saturday, March 26th. Cocoa Beach Classic, Cocoa Beach Country Club, Cocoa Beach

If not listed and want to play, let me know. Tee Times start at 11:00 AM. $60.00


Mike Stevens

Rich Lively

Tom McCrary

Bob Boss

Scott Bowles

Rosemary Pabst

Aaron Blais

Dan Capaz

Mike Hobson

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