Team USA Wins the 2016 SOHG International Hickory Cup

The festivities began at 11:00 a.m., with play starting at 12:30 p.m. The Fourball Match was played on the historic El Campéon course at Mission Inn. Teams World and USA duked it out fiercely with Team USA winning the day, five matches to Team World’s three.

Day 1. The Four Ball Match Pairings.

Match 1 (World) Paolo Quirici/Claus Muehlfiet (1/2) vs. (USA) Ben Hollerbach/Tony Smarelli (1/2)
Match 2 (World) Andrew Marshall/Mike Stevens vs. (USA) Rick Woeckener/Cliff Martin (1 Up)
Match 3 (World) Hugh Cameron/Boris Lietzow (1 Up) vs. (USA) Joe Hollerbach/Richard Bullock
Match 4 (World) Chris Homer/Paul Dietz vs. (USA) Bill Giesler/Michael Shiff (4&3)
Match 5 (World) M. Henderson/R. Grula (4&3) vs. (USA) John Berggren/Paul Fiedorek
Match 6 (World) Deal Hudson/Geoff Bleasby vs. (USA) Mark Hollingsworth/Dave Brown (2 Up)
Match 7 (World) Asher Fried/Barb Kopec (1/2) vs. (USA) Hamp Munsey/Ed Ronco (1/2)
Match 8 (World) Christian Juel/Lisbeth Juel vs. (USA) Ted Kopec/Terry Pemberton (3&2)

Day Two’s field of battle was the beautiful Las Colinas course. Even though the day was cool and blustery, the competition kept things hot as the Alternate Shot pairings went head-to-head. But at the end of the day, Team USA won with seven of the eight matches. The team’s seven-to-one scoring put the U.S. within 4 ½ points of retaining the Lionel Freedman Trophy.

Day 2. Alternate Shot Match Pairings

Match 9 (World) Paolo Quirici/Mike Stevens vs. (USA) Cliff Martin/Tony Smarelli (2&1)
Match 10 (World) Andrew Marshall/Claus Muehlfiet vs. (USA) Rick Woeckener/Ben Hollerbach (3&2)
Match 11 (World) Hugh Cameron/Boris Lietzow vs. (USA) Mark Hollingsworth/Ted Kopec (3&2)
Match 12 (World) Mike Henderson/Rich Grula vs. (USA) Dave Brown/Terry Pemberton (1 Up)
Match 13 (World) Deal Hudson/Chris Homer vs. (USA) Joe Hollerbach/Paul Fiedorek (3&2)
Match 14 (World) Geoff Bleasby/Paul Dietz (5+4) vs. (USA) John Berggren/Bill Giesler
Match 15 (World) Christian Juel/Barb Kopec vs. (USA) Michael Shiff/Hamp Munsey (2&1)
Match 16 (World) Asher Fried /Lisbeth Juel vs. (USA) Richard Bullock/Ed Ronco (4&3)

The Day 3’s weather started off chillier than during the Alternate Shot Matches, but with considerably less wind. Returning to Mission Inn’s El Campéon course, play was every bit as brisk and brilliant as the morning. But, this day, Team USA was unstoppable, winning 12 ½ of the Singles Matches to clinch the 2016 claim on the Lionel Freedman Trophy.

Day 3. Singles Match Pairings.

Match 17 (World) Paolo Quirici vs. (USA) Cliff Martin (3&2)

Match 18


(World) Andrew Marshall (2&1)




(USA) Ben Hollerbach


Match 19


(World) Mike Stevens




(USA) Rick Woeckener (1/2)


Match 20


(World) Claus Muehlfiet




(USA) Tony Smarelli (4&2)


Match 21


(World) Hugh Cameron (1 Up)




(USA) Mark Hollingsworth


Match 22


(World) Deal Hudson




(USA) Dave Brown (2&1)


Match 23


(World) Geoff Bleasby




(USA) Bill Giesler (5&4)


Match 24


(World) Mike Henderson (3&2)




(USA) John Berggren


Match 25


(World) Boris Lietzow




(USA) Paul Fiedorek (2&1)


Match 26


(World) Chris Homer




(USA) Joe Hollerbach (3&2)


Match 27


(World) Paul Dietz




(USA) Michael Shiff (4&3)


Match 28


(World) Rich Grula




(USA) Richard Bullock (5&4)


Match 29


(World) Asher Fried




(USA) Terry Pemberton (2&1)


Match 30


(World) Christian Juel




(USA) Ted Kopec (3&2)


Match 31


(World) Lisbeth Juel




(USA) Hamp Munsey (7&6)


Match 32


(World) Janet Homer




(USA) Ed Ronco (3&1)


But if you think Team World Hickory Select intends to let this stand, you better think again. With hearty congratulations all around, our European brothers and sisters in hickory promised to give the U.S. a run for their money in 2018, when the SOHG International Hickory Cup –the Ryder Cup of Hickory Golf- once again returns to Europe. Hickory Golf Hub covers as many wood shafted golf events as we can shake a stick at.