From Local Newsie Regular Durel Billy of the AP National Hickory Players comes the scores and wrap up for the 2015 Washington State Hickory Open. This exciting tournament is the hickory crown jewel for the state of Washington and, from the sounds of things, this year was a stellar one for the books. Scroll below the Full Field Scoring to read all about it!

All Photos Courtesy of Durel Billy and the AP National Hickory Players

Full Scores 2015 Washington State Hickory Open,AP National,

2015 Washington State Hickory Open Champion Jim von Lossow

Fresh off of his come from behind Pacific Northwest Hickory Championship win, Jim von Lossow was feeling very confident about his game and it showed. Making the turn Saturday at The Home Course in Dupont WA, in 38. The 2015 WSHO Champion played a very steady back nine at 1 over par 37, for a new Home Course Hickory record of 75, at 5865 yards par 72.

The silky smooth NW Hickory Players Captain stepped on to the number one tee with one goal in mind, capturing the Washington State Hickory Crown Jewel.

Paired with the 2014 Champion Grayson Giboney (83) seven time Champion Colin Gants (82) the field was not lacking in strong hickory players. Gants was quoted as saying, “it was a pleasure to witness Jim play the way he did today, he played beautifully, when he made a bogey or birdie his attitude remained the same.” Bravo Jim!

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