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Temple Terrace Hickory Heritage Golfers and Revelers,

Send Hickory Golf Hub Your News and Pictures!


Are you going to the Temple Terrace Hickory Heritage Weekend this Saturday, Sunday and Monday? While Richard of the Hickory Golf Hub continues to recover from shoulder surgery, HGH could use some help from our Local Newsies!

Whether your favorite event during the weekend is the Hickory Hackers Tournament, the Knickers Bash or the USPHG pro tourney, the Hickory Golf Hub is a great place to share all the fun and hickory action that will be going on during the Temple Terrace Hickory Heritage Weekend February 21st to the 23rd.


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Send HGH Your Favorite Photos of the 2015 TT Hickory Heritage Weekend!


Being an HGH Local Newsie during the Temple Terrace Hickory Heritage Weekend is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezey. Just tell us what you enjoyed best or what impressed you the most! Information sent to us can be as brief as a sentence or as long as two paragraphs. Or if you don’t want to tell us, show us! Send us a few of your favorite photos! If we post your photos and info on the Hickory Golf Hub, we’ll make sure you’re properly credited for your contribution.

You can get the word to us in three ways. Use the “Contact Us” page at HickoryGolfHub.com. Email Kathy Bullock directly at Kathy@HickoryGolfHub.com. Or contact her via the HickoryGolfHub FaceBook page.

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