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2013 FHG Scores and Wrap Up: April 19th at Pasadena Yacht and Country Club

Results of Friday April 19th at Pasadena Yacht and Country Club

This just in from Kody Kirchoff of the Florida Hickory Golfers Association.

Thanks for being a Hickory Golf Hub Local Newsie, Kody!

Friday April 19th the FHG took the course at Pasadena Yacht and Country Club in Gulfport, FL. This was a very special day playing […]

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2013 Southern Hickory Four Ball: Scores and Wrap Up

2013 Southern Hickory Day 2 Results and Tournament Wrap Up

First Gross Team
Day One
Day Two

Roger Andrews & Joe Hollerbach
68 (G) – 62 (N)
68 (G) – 62 (N)
136 (G) – 124 (N)


Second Gross Team
Day One
Day Two

Brian Schuman & Rick Woeckner
67(G) – 62(N)
70(G) – 63(N)
137(G) – 125(N)


Third Gross Team
Day One
Day Two

Ted Kopec & Wes Feudner
69(G) – 60(N)
70(G) – […]

Day One Wrap Up for the 2013 Southern Four Ball

Cold? Who Cares! We’re Playin’ Hickory!
The storms that blew through the U.S. the night before the opening day of the Southern Hickory Four Ball may have brought snow to the north and rain and cold temps to the south, but they couldn’t deter the players or dampen the mood as Day One got off to […]

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Hickory Clinic #3: A Forgotten Hickory Swing Technique

A Forgotten Hickory Swing Technique

One of the biggest challenges in hitting the hickory shafted club is its tendency to twist. We are told that the hickory shaft will torque up to nine to twelve degrees, as compared with our modern equipment of two to three degrees. Because of this seemingly uncontrollable variable, we are encouraged […]

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2013 Southern Hickory Four Ball April 18th ~ 20th

Are you ready for some Four Ball?
The Hickory Nuts of the Hickory Golf Hub are!

Having to watch the Mountain Valley Hickory Open -the start of the Society of Hickory Golfers Championship Series- from afar was agony, so we are doubly excited about hitching up the Hickory Rig and heading to Birmingham, Alabama, where we’ll cover […]

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Visit the latest addition to the Hickory Golf Hub: Videos!

News casts, training videos, professional productions, video blogs, amateur diamonds-in-the-rough and more are being posted right here on the Hickory Golf Hub. Great new content is being added on a regular basis.

Find them at the top of this page under the MEDIA GALLERIES pull-down or in […]

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2013 Onion Creek & Swift Trophy: Scores and Wrap Up

An update from Local Newsie John Berggren on the Results for the
Onion Creek Hickory Classic.

In addition to forwarding this report from Peter League, John sent the Hickory Golf Hub attachments of the complete score sheets for both the Hickory Classic and the Swift Trophy.

Thanks, John, and Congratulations to this year’s Onion Creek Hickory Classic […]

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